Heavy snow and roll over accident in Southwest Kansas – 1/28/2020

Collection of scenes from southwest Kansas during one of the largest snowfall events in the last few years (waiting on official tallies to see it’s place in the list of snowstorms). Reports of up to 15-inches of snow fell in the region during this storm.

Video package contains a collection of scenes from around southwest into south-central Kansas starting from roughly 4PM through the early evening. Nighttime footage came from Dodge City early that morning.

See shot description for shot list, timecodes, and locations.
Shot Description

00:00-00:47 (Kinsley, Kansas – Edwards County – 45 Minutes Northeast of Dodge City)

Clips 1-5 White utility truck rollover on US-183 immediately south of Kinsley, Kansas. Clips are at different angles, the fifth shot a walk-around of the crash.


00:48-01:54 (Goddard, Kansas – Sedgwick County – 15 Miles West of Wichita)

Clip 6: Panning shot from a severely damaged car that ran off the road and spun into a group of trees up to the tow truck on scene.

Clip 7: Shot of Sedgwick County Sheriff and tow truck on the crash scene.

Clip 8: Shot looking down the side of the tow truck to the front of the car sticking out of the trees.

Clip 9-10: Tight shots of the car in the trees with heavily damage back passenger side door.

Clip 11: Wide shot of tow truck and car in trees.

Clip 12: Wide shot of full accident, with semi the car hit. You can see damage on the semi’s front driver side.

Clip 13: Tighter shot of the damaged semi truck.


01:55-02:45 (Kinsley, Kansas – Edwards County – 45 Minutes Northeast of Dodge City)

Clip 14-18: Various shots of a red car trying to get out of a snow-covered neighborhood street. It drives back and forth spinning its wheels trying to get out.


02:46-04:21 (Kingman, Kansas – Kingman County – 45 Miles West of Wichita)

Clip 19: Oncoming snow plow clearing snow off the shoulder of US-400.

Clip 20: Two snow plows driving by as heavy snow falls.

Clip 21-22: POV driving shot behind two snow plows clearing snow from US-400.

Clip 23-25: POV driving shots behind single snowplow, various zooms of blade and truck.

Clip 26-28: POV driving shot behind semi truck as two snow plows split on either side of the road and semi and camera car drive between them.


04:21-05:11 (Dodge City, Kansas – Ford County – Before Dawn)

Clip 29-34: Various shots from the pre-dawn hours in Dodge City of heavy snow falling and traffic driving through the snow.

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