Gone “Underwater” Fishing

*Not For Broadcast* I took my underwater video camera with me and a bunch of freezer burned shrimp that was no good anymore and went scuba diving. The people fishing along the shore and on the fishing docks at the lake were pissed because they thougth I scared off all the fish. Nope, I just collected them all for myself like a personal fish tank, in the lake…

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05/05/2007 Pratt / Great Bend Kansas Tornado

*** Not For Broadcast *** Video of a tornado just outside of Great Bend north of Pratt Kansas from the massive tornado outbreak on 05/05/2007. This was just northeast of Greensburg Kansas that got hit last night.

Location: Tornado 15 miles south of Great Bend Kansas and 50yd spin-up in rural Reno, Co Kansas
Description: :00-:15 Brief spin-up
:15-2:45 Tornado South of Great Bend

SID: Justin Teague

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