Freezing Rain Turns Interstate 94 Into A Skating Rink, West Fargo, ND

A perfect combination of freezing precipitation, winds gusting to 30, and temperature, led to a narrow strip of ice and black ice on Interstate 94 a few miles west of West Fargo, North Dakota. Traffic was moving close to Interstate speeds of 75 mph when it encountered this portion of highway. Video includes a semi losing control and jackknifing into the ditch, a few near misses, and a tipped semi blocking both eastbound lanes of I-94.
Shot Description

00:00 – A semi loses control and jackknifes into the ditch
00:17 – Tow recovery of a semi blocking both lanes of I-94, the road was closed and detoured along the frontage road seen in the background of multiple clips
00:33 – A red pickup dodges slowing traffic by entering the ditch, splitting between traffic and an already spun out vehicle
00:45 – North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) checking on a driver that spun out
00:56 – A vehicle somehow splits between the traffic lane and the NDHP vehicle just off the shoulder, Highway Patrolmen had back to occurrence. Very close call
01:19 – Semi tipped over with emergency personnel on site
01:34 – Black pickup regaining control after spin out

SID: Jason Bednar
#FreezingRain #weather #NDWX #CarCrash #wrecked

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