11/10/2012 Denver, CO Daytime Snow, Grauple and Sleet

A powerful storm system sweeping across the country is bring a buffet of weather all across the plains from blizzard conditions up north to blinding dust and severe weather in the plains to snow and sleet in the Rockies. Video shot from Denver showing the heavy snows and sleet/grauple falling off and on during the early/mid-afternoon hours. Snow accumulations at lower elevations have been light and mostly in grassy areas, but a couple inches may fall overnight.

(00:00-00:48) Shots of some of the heavier falling snow across western Denver during the early afternoon hours. Various shots of heavy snow with traffic and shots with the snow against trees.

(00:48-02:49) Shots of the lunchtime grauple/sleet storm in western Denver. Grauple is like mini hail and forms when enough instability exists to create the hail-like precipitation. Is is similar to sleet, but not due to rain falling into colored temperatures as it is generated in the clouds due to instability.

Various shots of sleet accumulated on cars and fallen leaves as well as side shots of cars with sleet falling. Few shots of sleet falling with the remnants of the fall colors in the foreground.

From 2:49 to the end, is a video clip showing snow as it starts to accumulate in Denver before sunset. Various shots of snow sticking to the ground and snow on colored leaves and trees.

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8/28/2005 Lake Pontchartrain Levee in Kenner, LA as the storm surge starts – Katrina Raw Master 08

Hurricane Katrina starts to hit the Lake Pontchartrain Levee in Kenner, LA with the storm surge as the winds push the lake to the south into the shore line.

The winds from Hurricane Katrina start to pick up and the water startss to rise as the hurricane pushes the water to the south side of Lake Pontchartrain. Video shows the water starts to rise into a parking lot and over the wall on the lake shore.

Shots include tree’s blowing in the wind and a stop sign being torn apart by the hurricane. Footage also includes video of the Kenner, LA police out in force patrolling in the middle of the storm to secure the area around the Pontchartrain Center.

Catalog ID: Katrina_Raw_Master_04
Total Run Time: 10;58;10
To license this footage, contact http://www.StormChasingVideo.com

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