2/27/2015 Lake Superior Apostle Island Park Ice Caves

B-Roll footage of the start of the opening of the Apostle Island National Park Ice Caves.

For a second year in a row, the Apostle Islands Ice Caves are open to the public while the cold weather and ice conditions permit them to be safety accessed. However, it is a pretty tricky walk for over a mile on slippery ice conditions that are more like walking on a hockey rink.

Clip 1 Sign for Meyers Beach parking.

Clip 2 POV shot form inside a cave looking out

Clip 3 Ice formations inside a cave

Clip 4 Ice formations inside a cave

Clip 5 Two woman walking with a Selfie Stick and a pull back shot to a hole in the cave wall.

Clip 6 Ice formations from inside one of the many caves.

Clip 7 Close up ice formations

Clip 8 Interview with two women, Isabella Mcgarry and Megan Phillips about the ice caves.

Clip 9 Interview with Sean Gmora

Clip 10 – 29 Various shot in and out of the ice caves.

Clip 30 – 34 Interview with Park Ranger David Cooper.

Clip 35 – 91 More in and out of the ice caves B-Roll footage.

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