4/29/2011 Tyler, Texas Multi Vortex Tornado

B-Roll footage off to the side of a very large and ominous wall cloud that starts to develop into a multi-vortex tornado.

Footage shot near Tyler, TX which is an area with a large amount of tree’s to obscure the view of the storms.

Catalog: 04292011_TT1
Total Run Time: 04;21;22
Format: HD
To license this footage, visit http://www.StormChasingVideo.com

SID: Tim Baker

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4/22/2011 Saint Louis, MO area tornado and damage B-Roll stock footage.

A prolific tornado producing Supercell raged across northern St. Louis and severely damaged the area around the airport and caused havoc across the city.

B-Roll footage while chasing the storm in the Saint Louis, MO area at sunset. Footage shows a wall cloud, lowering, hail storm, rotation with a rain wrapped tornado and aftermath of cars and trucks damaged on the Interstate.

Catalog ID: 04222011_TL
Total Run Time: 08;13;20

To license this footage, visit http://www.StormChasingVideo.com

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