5/27/2012 Franklin, NE Severe Thunderstorm with large hail

Severe weather erupts across portions of the plains bringing large hail, strong winds, and torrential rains.

Video package covers two storms in/near the town of Franklin, Nebraska where the opening shot is of the town’s water tower with the approaching storm. Also includes shots of American flag being blow in severe winds (for Memorial Day) in part 2 of the file.

PART 1 (0:00-2:40) HAILSTORM

Video opens up with town water tower and approaching storm clouds with following two scenes of approaching storms with shelf/wall cloud. Shots taken on east side of town where large hail up to 2-inches falls. Shots include hail on the street and hail falling as a group of motor cycles take cover beneath a building awning. Shot of a biker picking up a large hailstone and transitions to shot of him holding stone. Various shots of hail measured to close to 2-inches with ruler, a lime, and a golfball.

PART 2 – PART 1 (2:40-4:03) SEVERE STORM

Opens with wide shot of traffic driving through high winds/rain with American flags blowing in the foreground. Next scene close up of American flag in the high winds. Next shot of very high winds and rain blowing through the streets of Franklin looking like a tropical storm. Shot of a truck driving through standing water with another street wind shot with a lightning flash in the background. Another shot looking down the road with American flags in the foreground with a pickup turning away from the shot. Next two shots of a truck pulled over in the heavy rain/wind. Last couple of shots of vehicles driving through the standing water in town.

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5/25/2012 Lacrosse, KS Afterdark Tornado

Shot #1 is a large cone tornado west of Lacrosse, KS

Shot #2 is another shot of the tornado west of Lacrosse, KS

Shot #3 is the same tornado WNW of Lacrosse, KS as a fat cone/stovepipe

Shot #4 is again the same tornado WNW of Lacrosse, KS as a fat cone.

Shot #5 is a slender needle tornado ENE of Lacrosse, KS.

Shot #6 is the Wall Cloud shortly before it produced the Lacrosse, KS tornado.

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5/19/2012 Southern, KS Tornado Hail

Severe storms spawn tornadoes and hail across Kansas. Video package includes scenes from two different storms.

PART 1 – Rago, KS

Various shots of a tornado near the town of Rago, Kansas.

PART 2 – Danville, KS

Various shots of large hail falling in Danville. Scenes include vehicles getting hit in a gas station parking lot by hail up to 1.5″ in diameter. Various storm clouds shots as well.

Video compilation of footage shot by Tony Laubach and Ed Grubb.

To license this footage, visit http://www.StormChasingVideo.com

SID: Tony Laubach
SID Ed Grubb

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5/19/2012 Oakley, KS I70 Severe Hail Storm

A long-track severe thunderstorm that developed and produced severe hail across eastern Colorado earlier in the day near the town of Eads continued to march into Kansas where it produced more large hail along it’s path. Video shot along I-70 near Oakley, Kansas as the storm crossed the interstate. Hail up to 1-inch fell during the video.

Video package opens with establishing shots of the storm as it nears Oakley. Shots of hail and very low visibility along I-70 from POV. Also includes shot passing a car that spun out into the median due to hail covering the road. Various shots of traffic and hail falling in a nearby parking lot with the stones hitting vehicles both wide and up-close. Shots of cars slowing beneath an I-70 overpass (exit 79) during the storm. Several shots of cars pulled over along I-70 awaiting the storm’s passage. Video package finishes with shots of hail drifts along I-70.

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