Centralia Kansas Up-close Tornado and Time-lapse – 4/30/2024

The following video shows a tornado near Centralia and Vermillion, Kansas, around 5:15 PM on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. The video ends with a time-lapse of the tornado developing, touching down, and dissipating.
Shot Description

00:00 Up close video of a tornado near Centralia, Kansas, debris flying around the tornado.

00:13 Medium shot of the tornado near Centralia, Kansas, with debris visibly flying away from the tornado and raining down in the foreground.

00:33 A Wide shot of the tornado tracking away from the camera and toward the road shows the storm’s full turning. Debris is still visible, falling from the sky.

1:41 Timelapse of a tornado developing, touching down, and dissipating.

SID: Katie Lock
#tornado #kansas #weather

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