7/30/2012 Limon CO Lightning Street Flood

For the second day in a row, Colorado was hit with severe weather as storms moved across the Plains east of the Front Range with reports of hail, flooding, and high winds. Very heavy rains accompanied these storms leading to near zero visibility at times.

Video package opens along CO-86 west of Limon with a wide shot of the storm over Limon. Several shots of the storm structure and clouds. Two POV shots of vivid lightning strikes while driving followed by tripoded shots of lightning in the rain. Shots then of I-70 two miles west of Limon where heavy rains and winds severely limit visibility. Shots then as chaser arrives in Limon to minor street flooding from the heavy rain. Various shots of traffic during and after the storm in the street flooding along Main Street in downtown Limon.

To license this footage, visit http://www.StormChasingVideo.com

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Holiday Inn has some dirty nasty hotels in Kansas City, MO

After several business trips to the Kansas City, MO area, I have given up on ever staying at a Holiday Inn or any of the IHG hotel chains after this trip is over. Last night I stayed at the Holiday Inn on Blue Parkway in the Kansas City, MO metro area after having several bad stays at the Holiday Inn on Westport Road.

This time, it was worse then the Holiday Inn off of Westport Road. My room was nasty, the staff blew me off until only after someone in Corporate must have seen my twitter post about how nasty it was and called them to ask WTF. By that time, I was already making this video and it was too little, too late. Now if this as a $39.00 a night hotel, I would not say or post anything because you get what you pay for.

But when hotel rooms are over $100 a night, I expect a CLEAN room without funk on the walls (could be blood or left over from a porn video shoot…) I expect the carpet to be at least vacuumed and the bathroom to be clean. Nope. Clean sheets? Didn’t look like it. And last but not least, NO MASSIVE SPIDER WEBS HANGING FROM THE CEILING!

Holiday Inn’s and the IHG chains sure are sucking big time when it comes to their hotel service because the lady at the front desk blew me off and I got hung up on when trying to return the phone call and voice mail from the manager.

IHG, I will not be booking any of my future hotel stays with any of your hotels. Screw you guys and your Double Points from now to September because I’m spending my money at your competitors for all future travel.

If you work for IHG or Holiday Inn, Screw You, you can keep my $111.00 for the night of the dirty hotel room, I’m going to let everyone I know how bad the Holiday Inn’s have become.

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Wetzel Hall Implosion, Malcomb, IL

Shot 1: Shows a fairly tight shot on a building implosion happening.

Shot 2: A tight of shot police and scene commanders.

Shot 3: A wide shot of police blockade, with a small view of the implosion scene and implosion conductors walking.

Shot 4: A tight shot of water being sprayed onto the building to attempt to stop asbestos and dust spread.

Shot 5: A tight shot of police blocking the scane, with an unmarked police tahoe with rear lights activated.

Shot 6: Shows scene commanders and police.

Shot 7: Shows a wide shot of the building being sprayed and prepped for implosion.

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7/9/2012 Saint Cloud, MN Northern Lights Aurora Borealis

There was a brief but beautiful display of the Aurora Borealis over Minnesota that started just before midnight and lasted for about a half an hour. This time lapse footage was shot just north of the city of Saint Cloud, MN that shows the Northern Lights dancing across the sky on the horizon after the final twilight from the sun faded after 11pm.

To license this footage, visit http://www.StormChasingVideo.com

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USS Mohawk Sinking off of Sanibel Island, FL

Just before 1 p.m. on Monday, there was a series of loud explosions and flying debris from the World War II ship the USS Mohawk as it slowly descended to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. It took just three minutes to sink below the water line and shortly after Scuba Divers were in the water.

The USS Mohawk was scuttled 28 miles off of the coast of Sanibel Island, Florida to become a brand new artificial reef for divers and anglers as well as a WWII Veterans memorial.

To license this footage, visit http://www.StormChasingVideo.com

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