How to Reform a Spoiled Brat

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Is your child a gimme monster? Put a lid on demands and tantrums with these tips.

Step 1: Set an example
Be a good role model. If you moan and whine when things don’t go your way, it won’t go unnoticed.

Step 2: Be consistent
Stand up to your children even when it seems easier to give in. Part of your job in preparing your children for life is to teach them that they can’t always get what they want.

Step 3: Teach them to give
Go through your child’s toys together periodically and pick ones that can go to charity. This will teach them the importance of giving and not just receiving.

Step 4: Give them your time
Do things with your child that don’t involve spending money. Your undivided attention is the best gift you can give them.

Step 5: Give them chores
Give them chores so they learn responsibility.

Make a chore chart for your child outlining what is expected of them and on which days.

Step 6: Don’t bribe them
Never bribe your children to behave reasonably or responsibly, or they will begin to expect compensation for doing the right thing.

Never bribe your children to eat a healthy food. Studies indicate it makes them like the item even less.

Step 7: Rein in the relatives
Ask friends and relatives to respect the limits you set. There’s no point in setting boundaries if other people are going to step right over them.

Step 8: Know the consequences
Know the consequences of spoiling a child: Studies indicate that spoiled children are more likely grow into unmotivated and depressed teenagers, and to abuse drugs and alcohol.

Did You Know?
Eighty percent of Americans believe today’s children are more spoiled than the previous generation.

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