Punched in the balls & he’s already wearing the dunce cap!!!

Shot this while out shooting some news footage a few years ago. The guy is playing with a kid while ice skating at Lake of The Isle in Minneapolis. He is wearing an orange construction cone that looks just like a dunce cap, or as Carlos would say, a “DEE DEE DEE Cap”. Then the kid spins him around and punches him right in the balls and pushes him off the ice as if to say you suck get out of here.

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08/19/07 Minnesota Flooding Wabasha Winona Fillmore Counties

Footage I shot for CNN in Southeastern Minnesota of the flash flooding and aftermath from the floods.

This footage was shot in several areas. It starts out in Wabasha County near Kellogg MN on Highway 61 with the highway flooded out from the Whitewater River. Then I went to Beaver MN and documented the Beaver Creek turning into the Beaver River with a massive flash flooding slamming up against the bridge and washing out the road.

Then I shoot some footage in Rushford MN which was one of the worst places since the levee was topped and the town was flooded out just like New Orleans from what I was told.

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08/13/2007 Minneapolis MN Area flooding rains

Description: A major storm system hit the Minneapolis Minnesota area. Footage shot in Minneapolis and Bloomington MN. Footage of street drains in Minneapolis backed up and shootoing water up into the air. Footage of heavy rain and lightning. Video of the flooding on Interstate 494 and 12th Avenue with several feet of water on the Interstate. Also have video of the Minnesota River – Cedar Avenue bridge flooded out. The storm drains were blocked so water flooded the bridge that is at least 30 feet up in the air.

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08/01/07 Minneapolis I-35w Bridge Collapse News Video B-Roll

*** Not For Broadcast ***
This is some of the aftermath footage I shot of the I35w or Interstate 35w Bridge collapse. I shot this from the north side of the i35 bridge looking back to the south side or down town Minneapolis side of the bridge. Shows the huge size of the devastation from end to end of the Mississippi river from Dinkytown to downtown Minneapolis. I have a lot more footage posted on google video but was limited to what Youtube would let me upload in one package. I was on scene right after the disaster and was able to get a rare vantage point until police kicked us out of the area in fear of additional collapse.

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