06/25/2010 Clear Lake MN storms and damage

Severe storms hit the Minnesota area tonight with extreme high winds and large hail around the Clear Lake MN area, which is just north of the Twin Cities metro area on interstate 94.

From the looks of the damage, extreme high speed straight line winds hit the area since all of the damge over a wide area was all blown to the southeast.

This footage includes high winds and hail along with power lines shorting out as a tree branch falls on live power lines. The aftermath footage shows a lot of trees down including trees down on homes in the Clear Lake, MN area.

To license this footage, contact http://www.bnvn.com

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How to Make Kettle Corn

Watch more Snacks for the Big Game videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/395688-How-to-Make-Kettle-Corn

You don’t need to go to the fair to get delicious kettle corn. Pop your own at home with this easy-to-make recipe.

Step 1: Heat oil
Pour the vegetable oil into a large pan over medium-high heat. Let the oil heat until it looks like it’s shimmering, but before it starts smoking.

Step 2: Add popcorn kernels
Add the popcorn kernels to the oil. Cover the pan with the lid, and shake it to distribute the kernels evenly.

Step 3: Add confectioners’ sugar
Heat the kernels until they begin to pop. Then remove the lid and sprinkle the confectioners’ sugar over the kernels. Replace the lid.

Use brown sugar instead of confectioners’ sugar for caramel-flavored kettle corn.

Step 4: Continue cooking and shaking
Continue cooking the popcorn, gently shaking the pan constantly. Cook until the popping slows.

Step 5: Add granulated sugar
Remove the lid and sprinkle the granulated sugar evenly over the kernels. Then replace the lid.

Add chipotle powder to make sweet and spicy kettle corn. Add nutmeg and cinnamon for a rich, sweet flavor.

Step 6: Cook until popping has almost stopped
Continue cooking and shaking the pan until the popping sound has almost stopped. Then remove the lid and sprinkle the popcorn with salt. Transfer the popcorn to a large bowl, and serve immediately.

Did You Know?
A single ear of corn contains about 800 different kernels divided into 16 rows.

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06/21/2010 Log Lane small Tornado

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Justin King was chasing around Log Lane Village, CO & Akron, CO where he shot a small funnel protruding from storm where it had a non-condensed ground contact was made and the extremely high wind was pushing out a nice dust trail from the contact point.

The storm progressed east where more ground circulation was noticed. Winds in excess of 50 mph during storm. At 50 second mark there is a second touchdown that wasn’t even noticed until looking at video (short clip). next scenes are storm motion, storm structure, road cones blown over from the high wind (very ruff road), and more storm structure from north of Akron, CO and a nice updraft core condensing at the end.

To license this footage, contact http://www.bnvn.com

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6/17/2010 Pine City MN Tornado Damage Video

June 17, 2010 Pine County, MN which is south of the city of Duluth, MN, a violent tornado hit the area just east of Pine City, MN along the Minnesota and Wisconsin boarder. The tornado injured several people and destroyed one home and damaged another along Highway 70.

The damage footage was shot after I stopped and called in the destroyed home to authorities and made sure the scene was stable until EMS showed up.

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