4/27/2011 Eutaw, AL Tornadoes and Damage

With one of the biggest tornado outbreaks in over 40 years hitting the United Sates, Tornadic Thunderstorm devastated parts of the southeast on Wednesday. Over 100 reports of tornadoes, including major tornadoes in Alabama. Tony Laubach and the TWISTEX researchers documented several tornadoes across Mississippi and Alabama, including the early life of what became the violent Tuscaloosa tornado.

In this video package that Tony shot is footage of the early tornadoes with from the Tuscaloosa, AL supercell just to the southwest of the city.

The video opens up with several shots of the tornado from a distance while driving before they could close in on it as it crosses the highway in front of the research team. After the tornado clips, tree damage blocks the road and a motorist who was blown off the road gets pulled out from behind a down tree and out of a ditch by another motorist. Several shots include tree damage covering the road and on the side of the highway. Last shots include two overturned semi trucks on I-59 on the south side of the city.

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4/26/2011 Tornado West of Tyler Texas

With several dozen tornado reports today, the severe storm outbreak hit Texas with numerous tornadoes. BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tim Baker was just west of Tyler Texas and caught this damage the area and covering the roads with debris.

In the video that Tim sent, it shows one of his classic shots where he setups just off to the side of a very large and ominous wall cloud that starts to develop into a multi-vortex tornado. Tim got out of the path of the developing tornado and documented the debris and aftermath of the storm.

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4/22/2011 St. Louis MO Tornadic Storms and Damage

A prolific tornado-producing supercell raged across northern St. Louis Friday night and severely damaging the airport and causing havoc across the city.

In this video package shot by BNVN Weather Paparazzi that opens up with clips of I-70 on the east side of I-270 where a semi truck was blown over the median and closed the road while authorities worked on the detours around the damage and debris and various shots of traffic with lightning in the background. Tony said it took a while for traffic to start moving as a state trooper trying to get traffic to finally leave the area once the road was cleared.

The rest of the video package that Tony shot shows POV or Point of View shots as he chased the storms through the high winds, hail, and heavy rain to try and see the rain wrapped tornado during the daylight. He was able to see the wall cloud as the storm was approaching the Saint Louis metro area on the west side of town before it became rain wrapped and struck the area of the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. The latest reports is airport is closed indefinitely while officials investigate the damage caused by the tornado.

To license this video, contact http://www.stormchasingvideo.com

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