Major weather with flooding and a Texas sized tornado outbreak.

Tuesday was one of those days where you wonder what is going on with all the severe storms and flooding.

The first video in today, BNVN Weather Paparazzi Justin Teague was covering the major flooding from Tahlequah, OK along the Illinois River.   

The main story of the day was the tornado outbreak in Texas.  We have three great torando videos from Tony Laubach, Tim Baker and Brandon Sullivan. 

The first video is from Tony Laubach. 

As the severe weather continues impact Texas, BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach along with Ed Grub and their TWISTEX researchers intercepted several tornadoes across eastern Texas today.

Video opens up with a developing tornado over the city of Ennis, TX in Ellis County. The tornado touched down just east of town and spared the community. The video includes white clouds as storm moves east with sirens blazing in the background.

Next segments include a funnel and long tornado looking west from west of Mabank, TX. The tornado confirmed to have touched down southeast of Kemp, TX in Kaufman County.

Last segments include drive shots of another large funnel/tornado east of Mabank, TX.

The next video is from Tim Baker, AKA Tornado Tim where he was chasing a  Tornado West of Tyler Texas.

In the video that Tim sent, it shows one of his classic shots where he setups just off to the side of a very large and ominous wall cloud that starts to develop into a multi-vortex tornado. Tim got out of the path of the developing tornado and documented the debris and aftermath of the storm.

And rounding out the tornado video is this footage from Brandon Sullivan. The severe storms keep pounding the area from northeast Arkansas to central Texas today and BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Sullivan was once again on the storms tracking a damaging tornado near Eustace, Texas.

In the video that Brandon shot it shows a truncated cone tornado, with impressive motion. Eventually you see the debris field below. The video goes on to show the tornado as it first forms, and rapidly condenses and rotates. Great footage with a tree and farm animals in the foreground to give the footage a nice depth of field.

The video continues on and shows damage to a house and dash camera footage while chasing the storm with debris blocking the roadway.