10/12/2014 I70 Snow Travel Hazards / Eisenhower Tunnel Colorado

During the noon hour, heavy snow fell on interstate 70 on both sides of the Eisenhower Tunnel, Clear Creek County, CO and Summit CO.

The snow causes numerous accidents and shut down the east bound lanes of Interstate 70 for part of the afternoon from the Frisco,, CO to the Eisenhower Tunnel.

Clip 1 Audi that has its front end smashed up. VO talking about the road conditions.

Clip 2 A snow plow that was rear ended and on the side of the road.

Clip 3 Someone in an Audi Convertible with the top down and driving in the heavy snow.

Clip 4 The Audi Convertible putting the top up in the heavy snow.

Clip 5 Snow plow stuck in the heavy snow and traffic jam on Interstate 70 west bound.

Clip 6 Traffic jam in the heavy snow.

Clip 7 Big wrecker on the side of the road trying to get up to one of the accidents.

Clip 8 Someone stuck on the side of the road as a Colorado DOT worker stops to help.

Clip 9 Semi truck stuck behind another semi truck that spun out.

Clip 10 Semi truck stuck as CO DOT tractor is hooking up to pull the truck up the mountain.

Clip 11 Eisenhower Tunnel Sign 11,013 feet.

Clip 12 POV driving in to the Eisenhower Tunnel.

Clip 13 Snow plow on the west side of the tunnel on I70

Clip 14 Highway closed sign

Clip 15 Snow plow POV

Clip 16 Wide shot of Frisco Colorado

Clip 17 Snow melting and water dripping off.

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