10/10/2014 Twin Cities Fall Colors

Premium Video Package Highlighting the spectacular Sun filled Fall Weather occurring across the Upper Midwest Region as well as the full glory of the regional Fall Foliage Colors at their Maximum Fire Blazing Peak along with Twin Cities area residents taking full advantage of the amazing fall weather conditions to enjoy & embrace the season of Fall!

This Video includes footage embracing the Fall Season from Pumpkin Patches to Apple Orchards to a Pumpkin Cannon Launch. It also includes area residents raking leaves and playing in the freshly fallen leaves building scarecrows, to local wildlife getting ready for the winter season to arrive soon and the migration southward!

Video Footage Timeline;

1.Full Downtown Minneapolis Skyline over the clear blue waters of Lake Calhoun as the final Sail Boats of the autumn season ride the waves at the local Marina.

2.A local fresh water stream flowing into a Minneapolis Lake with vibrant fallen leaves lining its banks and adding colors to the sunlit moving waters.

3.The Minneapolis Skyline over the lake with a blazing red maple tree in the foreground dropping large red maple leaves into the camera as the breezes over the lake strengthen.

4.Local Bicyclists take advantage of the mild Fall weather as they ride across the Minneapolis Skyline with a Bright Orange Sugar Maple Tree in the Shot.

5.Medium Range (POV) of Giant Migrant Canada Geese feeding up for the long flight South in the grass along a Twin Cities Lake with fire blazing peak color Maple Trees in the shot.

6.Tight Range (POV) of the Giant Migrant Canada Geese feeding with the blazing Fall peak colors in the background.

7.Walkers enjoying a walk along a Twin Cities waterway while enjoying the spectacular peak fall colors.

8.Runners on a Minneapolis Pathway lined with peak fall colors.

9.Wide (POV) of Fire Blazing Peak Fall Colors in the Northern Twin Cities Metro Area.

10.Tight (POV) of Fire Blazing Orange Maple Tree with white clouds racing by overhead.

11.Red and Orange Maple Leaves fall to the ground and pile up quickly in the light breezes.

12.Peak Fall Foliage blowing in the wind.

13.Multi-Colored Maple Tree swaying in the wind Wide (POV).

14.Peak Red & Orange Foliage Tight (POV).

15.Wide (POV) of multiple Maple Trees together at peak of Maximum Colors along a ridge.

16.Twin Cities Motorists driving toward the camera with peak fall colors lining the roadway.

17.Pumpkin/Gourd/Squash Bin Wide (POV).
18.Pumpkin /Gourd/Squash Bin Medium (POV).
19.Pumpkin/Gourd/Squash Bin Tight (POV).

20.Happy Halloween with a pile of Pumpkins and Indian Corn at a local Twin Cities Pumpkin Patch.

21.Giant Pumpkins at a Twin Cities Pumpkin Patch Tight (POV).

22.Wild open Field Pumpkin and Gourd patch near the Northern Twin cities.

23.Giant Pumpkin (Jack-O-Launcher) Cannon being prepped to fire a large Pumpkin a great distance.

24.The Pumpkin Cannon Launcher being loaded.

25.(THE LAUNCH), including a countdown from a large group of people and the Pumpkin going airborne at lightning speed into the far distance.

26.Local Minneapolis Resident Raking up fallen leaves, packing bags and making a Scarecrow.

27.Minneapolis Resident Raking leaves into piles Medium (POV).

28.Raking Leaves and a Fall Scarecrow coming to life Tight (POV).

29.Ripe fresh Red Honey Crisp Apples at a local Twin Cites Apple Orchard Wide (POV).
30.Ripe Red Honey Crisp Apples Swaying on a tree in the Breeze Tight (POV).

31.Fire Blazing Fall Colors Line a Twin Cities area Marsh.

32.Canada Geese Honk loudly as they swim with fall colors in the background.

33.Migrant Mallard duck Pair on a local marsh.

34.Northern Mallard Ducks taking advantage of the mild weather and feeding for the Fall Migration south.