03/19/2010 Mississippi River Ice Jam Video

03/19/2010 Mississippi River Ice Jam With an early spring thaw, the ice along the Mississippi River in Central Minnesota near the city of Saint Cloud started to pile up and caused an Ice Jam.

Footage of ice moving along the river and Time-Lapse footage showing the grinding of the ice.

Time-Lapse footage of the ice jam moving along the Mississippi River.
The footage is 12;48;00 that is sped up 600% to cover only 2;08 of time to show the grinding motion of the ice as it flows on the river.

Catalog # 03192010A_HD
Total Run Time: 09;12;11
Format: HD

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04/13/2010 Nebraska Storms blog video

Severe storms move through western Nebraska bringing high winds and hail. This video package includes video shot along US-30 near Chappell, Nebraska. Video opens with a couple of scenes of blowing dust in fields just south of the highway thanks to the high winds on the leading edge. Shots after include hail up to 1-inch in diameter covering the highway and pelting the ground.

The second part of the video was shot around Ogallala, NE as a line of storms plows through western Nebraska with high winds, hail, and heavy rain. Package opens up with storm clouds on the leading edge of the line. Various shots following include vehicles driving through high water on the main road of Ogallala, Nebraska. First couple of flood shots include vehicles driving at the camera with water going over the headlights. Various other shots of vehicles driving through the flooding as rain continues to fall.

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5/4/2003 Kansas Turnpike Tornado Footage

5/4/2003 Kansas Turnpike Tornado Video. Tornado hits the Kansas Turnpike just west of Kansas City in Wyandotte County Kansas. The Tornado comes within 50 yards of the cameraman as the debris falls from the sky on top of him. The video starts out slow because the tornado is coming straight for the camera. Once the tornado passes by the camera, it keeps heading east towards the Kansas City metro area.

Catalog ID: 05042003A
Total Run Time: 08:45;00
To license this footage, contact http://www.stormchasingvideo.com

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