04/29/2010 Jefferson County NE Severe Storms

Description: Severe and tornadic storms move across northern Kansas and southern Nebraska. Storms produce hail, very high winds, and a few isolated tornado reports.

Video package opens up with raw video from Fairbury, Nebraska where a tornadic storm passes directly over the town. Reports of a tornado were received from this storm just east of town. Video clip is POV shot going into town when RFD winds wrap into the town and knock out power. From intersection, you can see traffic lights go out and power lines wildly swinging in the wind (top right). Following shot of lowering from the same storm a few minutes later once precip was cleared. Winds were estimated to be over 60mph in town.

Last half of video is from Washington County, Kansas of severe storms moved through the area. Opens up with a lightning strike from POV, then quick shots of wind blowing leaves and small branches onto videographer. Next shot of a close-up shelf cloud. Next shot of a wall cloud over northern Washington County, KS. Last shot from moving car of a wide pan of the shelf cloud structure.