Otsuchi Japan Tsunami 2011 stock footage shot by an American

3/11/2011 Otsuchi Japan Earth Quake & Tsunami Stock Footage Catalog.

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The following footage was shot in Otsuchi Japan which was completely destroyed by the 9.0 earthquake and Tsunami that stuck just ten minutes after the earthquake.

The footage starts out at the Otsuchi harbor as everything was shaking and the ground was buckling. It continues as they evacuate the town and head for higher ground before the Tsunami comes ashore.

About ten minutes from the end of the earthquake, the Tsunami hits the town and destroys everything in the town. Footage shows the massive wave and rapid water rise along with tons of debris in the water.

Footage then shows the whole area is destroyed. Video ends with a clip of a fire truck and someone the loud speaker calling for help and the Videographer talking about what happened while in the dark.

Footage is copyright Brian Barnes for BNVN.com and StormChasingVideo.com No Unauthorized Usage Allowed. Copyright violation will be persued under Untited States and International law.

Catalog ID: Otsuchi_Tsunami_2011-B
Total Run Time: 15;02;03
Format: HD
To license this footage contact http://www.StormChasingVideo.com

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3/11/2011 Stock Footage, Otsuchi Japan, harbor just prior to 9.0 earthquake.

Footage of the Otsuchi Japan harbor shot just prior to the 9.0 earthquake and massive tsunami that destroyed the whole town.

Clip 1 Is a pan shot of the harbor and all the buildings along the

Clip 2 Shows a fishing boat coming into the harbor.

Clip 3 Shows a boat at the dock and dock workers and boat crew

Catalog ID: 03112011_Otsuchi_Japan_Pre_Earthquake
Total Run Time: 1;56;17
Format: HD
To license this footage, please contact http://www.StormChasingVideo.com

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3/22/2011 Syracuse, NE Tornadic Storms, Hail and High Winds

Severe weather broke out across parts of the plains as a powerful storm system produced severe weather across Nebraska and Iowa with several tornadoes, high winds, and hail.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach shot this footage as a weak area of circulation and associated RFD winds blow debris across the highway south of Syracuse right over himself and other chasers.

The video then shows a very brief gustnado spinning up in a field before dissipating, likely the same area of rotation that passed over in the first scene.

Various other shots include high winds, up to 1-inch hail falling and covering the roadways near Syracuse.

Last shots taken before the storm hit, including a high-based wall-cloud that was associated with the circulation from the first scenes. Also includes structure shots of the storm.

To license this footage for broadcast contact http://www.stormchasingvideo.com

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3/12/2011 Otsuchi Japan, walking out through the aftermath of the Tsunami after it destroyed city.

On March 11th, 2011 Save Japan Dolphins volunteer Brian Barnes and his companions witnessed hell on Earth, but also experienced great kindness from strangers in the wake of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Brian Barnes with http://www.StormTours.com was in Otsuchi, Japan as a volunteer for http://www.SaveJapanDolphins.org and barely escaped with his life after the earthquake hit.

His companions who were with SSCS and himself barely made it to higher ground on a nearby hill that overlooked the town before Otsuchi was completely destroyed by the Tsunami. After the Tsunami, they had to spend the night on the hill as the city was on fire. The next morning they had to abandon their rental cars since the road below them was no longer there and spent the day walking through the burning remains of the city. Brian said that the walk through what can only be described as hell on earth just to find a way back to the main road and away from the coast.

He tried his best to document the events while fearing of another Tsunami as the area was being hit with strong aftershocks.

The following shows the aftermath after the water receded before finally getting to the mountain road leading to Tono.

To license this footage for broadcast, contact http://www.StormChasingVideo.com

For interviews, contact http://www.SaveJapanDolphins.org

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