3/23/2011 Logan County, CO I76 Brush Fire

High winds and extreme fire danger have been problematic across the Front Range of Colorado in the last week, but the Eastern Plains are sharing in the moisture-less misery as well. On Wednesday, BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach documented the high winds that gusted as high as 50MPH and when combined with the extremely dry conditions, lead to a favorable environment for fires.

Several small and quickly-contained brushed fires were ignited early on Wednesday. Three separate fires were reported along I-76 in Logan County between Sedgwick and Iliff. This video covers the small brush fire on the south side of I-76 near MM156 about 10 miles west of the Sedgwick exit. All fires were responded to and contained within 90 minutes with no structures affected or injuries reported.

Video package opens up with a CDOT sign warning drivers of high winds and extreme fire danger. Following shots include fire trucks rolling down the interstate and a CDOT and State Trooper on-scene at the brush fire. Includes several shots of trooper car and CDOT worker with a shovel pounding out flames while awaiting fire crews to arrive. Last half of the video includes various close and wide shots of video, smoke, and charred ground.