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Locusview provides energy utilities and telecom companies with a Digital Construction Management (DCM) platform for infrastructure capital projects, driven by real-time data. Our end-to-end solution acts as a single digital thread linking all phases of construction to help our customers improve CapEx efficiency, decrease costs, reduce risk, and set the foundation for a sustainable future.

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Ice Storm Cripples Central Arkansas Drone Footage – 2/24/2022

Amazing Drone Footage of the Major Winter Ice Storm that wreaks havoc on Arkansas today.
Shot Description

00:00 Drone Footage, Tractor-trailer flipped over on Interstate 40 near Hicks Station, Arkansas
00:07 Drone Footage, 3 Clips) Tractor-trailer overturned on Interstate 40 near West Memphis, Arkansas
00:30 Drone Footage, Heavy ice downed trees on Interstate 55 near Joiner, Arkansas
00:49 Drone Footage, Damaging ice downed trees over roadway near Interstate 55
01:05 Drone Footage, Heavy ice snaps power poles dropping power lines to the ground
01:13 Drone Footage, Slow moving traffic on Interstate 40 just outside of Forrest city Arkansas
01:24 Drone Footage, (2 Clips) Power lines heavily coated in ice dangling on the ground off of Interstate 40
01:40 Power pole heavily coated in ice
01:49 Heavy ice coats power poles and power lines
02:02 Substantial ice coats power lines leaving power poles barely standing
02:16 Zoomed in shot of ice completely coating tree limbs
02:24 Ice coats railing of overpass above Interstate 55
02:29 (3 Clips) Overturned semi carrying multiple cars on Interstate 55
02:41 (2 Clips) Passenger vehicle rolled in median from icy conditions on Interstate 55
02:51 Emergency personnel slowly guiding traffic down Interstate 55 near Osceola, Arkansas
02:59 Power crews working hard as they raised a power line that was laying on Interstate 55
03:15 Extremely heavy traffic on Interstate 55 with car wrecked in median
03:26 Memphis street sign coated in large ice
03:33 Overturned semi on Interstate 40 near Forrest City, Arkansas
03:38 Union Pacific Train running railway checking for debris and fallen trees
03:48 Heavy traffic in Wynne, Arkansas with no power to operate street lights

SID: Michael Gordon

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