Security camera footage of home that was struck by lightning – 2/23/2022

2/23/2022 – Professional Storm Chaser and Meteorologist, Brandon Sullivan reports that during a heavy sleet and freezing rain event that became a winter thunderstorm in Oklahoma, it gave him a shocking chase close to home as lightning struck his house in Moore, OK.
His brother, Blake Sullivan got a slight jolt while working on his computer in the home. The only visible damage was to some wood trim but their was numerous damage electronics around the home.

Brandon reports in the shot of my driveway you’ll see a small piece of wood from my roof peak that got blasted off. He said it was just insane and is dealing with fallout of dead electronics around his home. Brandon went on to report that it’s all so weird. One garage door opener was fine, but the door sensors were blown so it wouldn’t close.
Other garage door opener completely dead. A fan/air purifier is throwing errors, one UPS (uninterruptible power supply) bit the dust.
Most major electronics/furnace etc seem fine but it took days to get heat back in his home as the thermostat was also impacted by the lightning strike.
Shot Description

Various B-Roll from security cameras from around the home that was struck by lightning.

SID: Brandon Sullivan
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