5/31/2013 Union City, OK Extreme Tornado Stock Footage 60P

5/31/2013 Union City, OK Tornado Stock Footage Catalog.

Raw footage from Brandon Sullivan and his chase partner Brett Wright who were got caught in the inflow of the tornado and slammed with debris northwest of Union City, OK as a barn was ripped apart and exploded in front of them. Footage includes all five camera from inside and outside of the car.

Catalog ID: 05312013_BTS1
Total Run Time:
Format: HD 1080 30P

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5/31/2013 El Reno, OK Tornado and Damage – B-Roll Stock Footage

5/31/2013 El Reno, OK Tornado and Damage – B-Roll

Stock footage of the historic major outbreak of severe weather that hit Oklahoma for the second time in two weeks. Storms erupted west of Oklahoma City and dropped multiple tornadoes along I-40 near El Reno and Union City along US-81.

Footage of the tornado the passed between El Reno and Union City crossing US-81. Next series of shots are immediate aftermath clips from between Union City and El Reno along
US-81 including emergency crews looking over a flipped cars and several houses that were damaged. Ends with shots of flood waters blocking a road.

Catalog ID: 05312013_TL1
Total Run Time: 09;55;26

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