Lutsen Mountan Alpine Slide Crash Footage

When having fun goes wrong, continue to have fun. Doug here, owner of and over the weekend I did the Alpine Slide at Lutsen, MN. The slide was pretty much the best part of Lutsen since once again I got another shitty hotel room. This time it was at Caribou Highlands where the room was not only dirty but this time there was blood stains on the sheets from the last guest.

Anyway, back to the video. There are two runs down the slide in this video. The first run is where I crash after seeing a Ground Hog, yes a Ground Hog next to the track that I was told lives in a hole under the track.

The second part of the video is one of the successful runs down the slide.

The Alpine Slide is pretty fun. I crashed because the Ground Hog made me look over and say WTF and I hit a curve and was not ready. Lucky for me I was wearing jeans and a sweat shirt to I did not get too bad of road rash.

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5/20/2013 Moore, OK EF5 Tornado and deadly aftermath B-Roll

Dramatic stock footage of the deadly Moore, OK EF5 Tornado shot by chasers who are also trained EMT’s and a passenger riding along.

Footage starts out from just south of 19th Street South and Interstate 35 as the violent tornado was ripping through the city and moving towards the cameraman. Several power flashes and flying debris caught on camera with extreme audio of the tornado.

Footage continues as debris falls on top of the area of the chasers as the tornado crosses Interstate 35.

Footage ends with graphic aftermath along Interstate 35 as the EMT’s run into the damage to help as the passenger stays with the truck in the middle of the damage path on Interstate 35.

Catalog ID: 05202013_BM1
Total Run Time: 29;40;29 LLC no longer handles the Rights and Clearances for this footage.
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