7/20/2013 Christopher, IL Street Flooding

A heat-relieving cold front was responsible for numerous strong torrential rain producing storms across much of the state of Illinois. Numerous reports of flooding were reported across the region.

Video package shot in Christopher, Illinois where doppler radar estimates upwards of 3-inches of rain fell within an hour's time. State Highway 14 (IL-14) had nearly 2 feet of water across it on the east side of town and led to the stalling of several vehicles. Another area of water, up to a foot, was running across IL-14 on the west side with various parts of town experiencing street flooding.

Scene 1: Wide shot of IL-14 on east side of Christopher with over a foot of water flowing across the highway. Foreground has a guy running to a stalled car with a police car pulling into the frame.

Scene 2: Closer shot of stalled vehicle in water with cop on other side of flood and a vehicle driving and stopping in water.

Scene 3: Shot looking back as cop pulls behind stalled vehicle with flood in background.

Scene 4: Shot as cop gets out of car with stalled vehicle in water.

Scene 5: Black car stops in water next to stalled vehicle.

Scene 6: Two vehicles navigate flood waters around stalled vehicle.

Scene 7: POV shot approaching flood waters with oncoming car taking water to it's headlights.

Scene 8: POV shot of flooding with pickup pulling around stalled vehicle.

Scene 9: Group of people pushing a stalled car up the road.

Scene 10: Pan from police car to a Jeep driving through flood waters in background.

Scene 11: Vehicles drive through flood waters on IL-148 in the town of Christopher. Water goes up over hood of oncoming car as a truck passes.

Scene 12: Red pickup drives through flood.

Scene 13: POV following shot of motorcycle into water.

Scene 14: Long shot of several cars driving through flood waters on Victor Street (IL-148).

Scene 15: Shot at IL-14 on west side of Christopher with opposite moving vehicles driving through water rushing over road and oncoming truck slightly hydroplanes.

Scene 16: Opposite traveling vehicles through IL-14 flood waters.

Scene 17: Shot of water flowing up sewer lid.