2/20/2012 Wichita, KS Hail

Thunderstorms formed over northern Oklahoma and south central Kansas this afternoon. Small hail covered the ground around Wichita, KS and fell on motorist along US 54-400 during the start of the afternoon drive home.

Shot 1: Shows driving on US 54-400 in western Wichita. Hail is covering the ground and traffic is slow.

Shot 2: Go Pro hood footage, with a lightning strike a few seconds in.. Hail is covering the highway.

Shot 3: Shows a car being pelted with small hail and covered, almost like winter time! A small zoom is included.

Shot 4: Shows hail accumulating on the road and a nearby car.

Shot 5: Shows traffic traveling down us 54-400 as hail falls.

Shot 6: Go Pro hood footage showing a very ominous hail core approaching downtown Wichita, with falling stones evident in the video.

To license this footage for broadcast, contact http://www.stormchasingvideo.com

SID: Brandon Sullivan

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2/19/2012 Raleigh NC Snow

Snow fell in the south on Sunday in Raleigh, NC. About an inch of snow fell during the evening and covered the roads and side walks to make downtown Raleigh, NC look more like the upper Midwest.

1. Downtown Raleigh with heavy snow
2. Raleigh sign with snow
3. Daffodils in the snow
4. Cars driving down McDowell St in snow
5. Men walking across Fayetteville Street in the snow
6. Snow covered car
7. Snow covers early spring plants
8. Person with umbrella in snow
9. Snow falls in front of Caraleigh Mills
10. Tire tracks in wet snow
11. Dog walker in snow
12. NC State Capitol Building
13. Flag with flurries
14. Snow and Raleigh wayfinder sign
15. Fayetteville Street

SID: Matt Robinson

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2/3/2012 Denver, CO Hit Hard By Record Breaking Winter Snow Storm.

Major winter storm slams the Colorado Front Range leaving up to a foot of snow across the Denver Metro area with upwards of another foot possible by the storm’s end on Saturday morning. The storm may crack the top 10 biggest single snowstorms in Denver history if 20-inches or more can fall by the time the storm clears out.

Video package opens up with various shots of sledders at Sledding Hill Park in southwest Denver near Ken Caryl. Shots kids and adults sledding down the hill in heavy falling snow and wind. Several other shots of parents watching their kids sled.

Video package transitions to various traffic shots in the daylight morning hours. POV shots along I-25 in Denver with C-DOT signs advising drivers of the icy roads. POV shots of up to 5 snow plows clearing I-25. Several other POV shots of driving in heavy falling snow.

Video package includes shots of a vehicle that slid off US-285 at Kipling Street in west Denver and was left on the side of the road.

Video package ends with various shots of crews removing snow, shots of vehicles driving on snow-covered roads, and other stationary snow plow shots.

SID: Tony Laubach

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