updates on video and the website.

It has been a few weeks since we have updated the site but that does not mean we have been sitting around goofing off. 

First off, Doug, will be at ChaserCon this month in Denver, CO in case your going and looking to ask Doug about video brokering.

We are working on a major update to bring all of our 2,000+ videos on line via our YouTube account over to our website this month and update the site along with adding a ton of new stock footage content.  Yes that is not a typo and our stock footage and ENG catalog is now well over 2,000+ videos. 

The new content even includes some exclusive footage from the Great Lakes that was taken on various freighters along with more tornado and severe storm footage.

While we work on getting finishing up what is seriously "years of work" and everything streamlined, you can follow us on Twitter for all of the latest breaking news feeds https://twitter.com/#!/bnvn  And you can follow us on http://www.Youtube.com/BNVN1

Here is some of the latest videos from the major winter storm that is hitting the central part of the United States this weekend.

The first video is from the severe side of the storm in Texas.

2/3/2012 Canadian, TX Hail Lightning footage

The next two video’s are from the winter storm system that is moving across the plans.

2/3/2012 Denver, CO Hit Hard By Record Breaking Winter Snow Storm.

2/4/2012 Grand Island, NE Winter Storm