1/27/2015 Boston, MA Morning Blizzard & Heavy Snow B-Roll

Shot 1: Heavy snow with cars drifted under heavy snow

Shot 2: Brief snow-nado then heavy snow/strong wind in city

Shot 3: Heavy snow in downtown

Shot 4: Team of city employees working on snow removal

Shot 5: Snow blower

Shot 6: Team of city snow removal trucks

Shot 7: Wide shot BOS airport snow cleanup

Shot 8: Tight shot, BOS airport snow cleanup

Shot 9: Tight panning shot of snowplow at airport

Shot 10: Emtpy terminals at BOS airport with snow falling

Shot 11: Tight shot snow removal equipment BOS airport

Shot 12: Wide shot of team of snow plows at BOS airport

Shot 13: Kid climbing tall snow drift

Shot 14: Heavy snow at Fenway park

Shot 15: Cross country skier in town

Shot 16: Cars under snow

Shot 17: Tight shot state trooper stuck

Shot 18: Tight shot of snow plow

Shot 19: Empty city with heavy snow

Shot 20: Ambulance responding lights/sirens to emergency

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