1/29/2015 York County, PA Winter Weather

Shots 1 through 3: Looking into York County, Pa/over Susquehanna river-mixed precip starting-view from Lancaster County,Pa
Shot 2: Evening traffic W/B on US30 as mixed precip begins
Shot 3: Horses out in heavy falling snow
Shots 4 & 5: Traffic exiting and entering US30
Shot 6: Rear view from vehicle showing US30 road sign/falling snow
Shot 7: Rear view from vehicle showing traffic/Penndot truck W/B US30
Shot 8: Rear view from vehicle showing traffic passing
Shot 9: Red mini van hits brakes suddenly when following vehicle closely
Shot 10:Falling snow through parking lot light just after dusk
Shot 11:Auto dealer lot with lot lights on & falling snow
Shot 12:Semi-tractor trailers parked on lot
Shot 13:Snow covered roads-building traffic
Shot 14:Rear cam view-Penndot truck spreading salt on roadway
Shot 15:Wide-med-tight shots of Hellam Township sign and falling snow.
Shot 16 through 18:Wide-med-tight shots-rush hour traffic US30-begin mix precip-views of precip on roadway
Shot 19 & 20: Views of mixed precip in auto lights-sleet bouncing off of vehicle.
Shot 21:Traffic driving on mixed precip covered road
Shot 22:Rear cam view-vehicles driving on mixed precip covered road at intersection
Shot 23:Traffic backup on East Market Street