Hurricane Rita, Key West, Florida Stock Video Catalog Package.

B-Roll footage includes video of a hurricane flag blowing in the wind, boats anchored with high winds and waves hitting them, high winds hitting condos and hotels on the waterfront and storm surge from around the island including the southern most point.

Additional footage of palm trees in high winds and storm surge along Atlantic Blvd. and White Street along with footage shot in an underwater camera housing as the surf hits the camera.

Stock footage available for sale with a flat fee per project basis, visit for more details.

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Hurricane Igor 9/20/2010 Aftermath – Stock Video.

Hurricane Igor 9/20/2010 Aftermath – Stock Video Archive.

Footage from around St. George’s island of Bermuda the day after Hurricane Igor hits the island nation.

Various B-Roll footage of damage caused by Hurricane Igor and video of crews trying to restore power to the island residents.

Catalog ID: Hurricane_Igor_09202010
Total Run Time: 02;50;17

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9/19/2010, Hurricane Igor hits Saint Georges Bermuda – Stock Video.

9/19/2010 Stock video footage of Hurricane Igor hitting the Island Nation of Bermuda. This stock video B-Roll of Hurricane Igor was shot on St. Georges Island (north island) during the height of the hurricane hitting Bermuda.

Footage of destructive waves hitting the coast along with storm surge and flooding around St. Georges Island, Bermuda. Lots of great footage of huge waves smashing into the camera. Video of waves crashing into cliff faces and up and over roadways.

Video ends as the daylight fades to night and the power goes out to the area as residents are left in the dark as the storm passes over the island.

Catalog ID: Hurricane_Igor_09192010
Total Run Time: 25;58;03

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9/19/2010 St. George Bermuda Hurricane Igor Extreme Conditions

As the center of what is left of Hurricane Igor moves closer to Bermuda, Weather Paparazzi Chris Collura was out in the middle of the worst of the hurricane during the daylight hours.

In the latest video package from Chris, he captures some insane footage of huge waves coming up and hitting his camera in the height winds. He also shot various footage of waves crashing across a roadway and the beach with hurricane storm surge and palm trees blowing in the winds.

To give you an idea about how strong the winds were, Chris also shot footage of him standing out in winds gusting over 80 miles per hour on top of the fort at Tobacco Beach in Saint George, Bermuda.

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9/19/2010 Bermuda, Hurricane Igor hits Tobacco Bay

Hurricane Igor has weakened to a Category One storm but the large waves that were generated when Igor was a very strong Category Four Hurricane are hitting the eastern side of Bermuda this afternoon as what is left of the center of circulation is passing off to the southwest.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Chris Collura just shot this amazing footage from the Eastern tip of Bermuda in Tobacco Bay of huge waves slamming into and even up and over the coast line and a roadway.

The footage shows large debris flying up in the air as the waves slam into the coast line near the roadway.

Chris is back out shooting more footage and will have another video uploaded if possible later this evening if the power remains on in his area of the island.

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9/18/2010 Bermuda Pre Hurricane Igor Footage

Hurricane Igor is zeroing in on the Island of Bermuda and StormChasingVideo Weather Paparazzi Chris Collura was at Elbow Beach in Saint George Bermuda today and shot this footage of large waves hitting the shoreline.

While Hurricane Igor is still a large storm that is on track to hit Bermuda, looking at the latest USAF Hurricane Hunter recon data and the latest forecast discussion from the National Hurricane Center, it is no surprise that the storm is now Hurricane Igor is a Category One Hurricane with winds of 90 mph. (Cat 1 = Sustained winds 74-95 mph, 64-82 kt, or 119-153 km/hr).

This has been what the computer models have been forecasting for several days. Igor is now dying of rapidly and has lost it’s eye so if the storm continues to fall apart over the next 24 hours, the damage to the island of Bermuda will be minimal since the buildings on the island are designed to withstand major hurricanes.

The man concern now for Bermuda is for the large waves that were generated by Igor when it was still a Major Hurricane several days ago. If the storm drops below hurricane strength before making landfall, my other forecast is for everyone in the media to reuse the term “Dodged The Bullet” with regards to Igor. It is more like the forecast models nailed it and Bermuda will take a hit but won’t be knocked out.

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9/15/2005 Hurricane Ophelia Video, Cape Hatteras, NC and Outer Banks.

B-Roll footage of Hurricane Ophelia as the hurricanes eye passed off shore from the Carolina Outer Banks as the storms western edge hits the area. Hurricane video from Avon, NC that shows high winds and rain as well as footage of the bay area where the water was pulled out of the Avon Harbor from the hurricanes winds blowing off shore.

Catalog #: Ophelia_09152005_WC

Screen Format: 4:3

Video Format: Standard Definition
License Type: Rights Managed

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