1/26/2015 Middleborough, MA Blizzard / NorEaster B-Roll

Footage heavy blowing snow with audible roar from high winds in Southeast Massachusetts, including the town of Middleborough and the home of the New England Patriots NFL Superbowl at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. A potentially historic blizzard/Nor\'easter is slamming New England causing mandatory curfews, statewide road closures, and public transit shutdown. High winds are expected to gust between 45-70 mph and heavy snow is expected to reach possibly 2-3 feet + in some areas of New England.

All footage from night (darkness) of January 26, 2015 in/near Middleborough and Foxborough, MA.

Shot List:

1-7. Various Shots of Gillette Stadium (home of the New England Patriots) with blowing and heavy snow falling in Foxborough, MA

8-11. Various shots of shaking \"Stop\" sign blown by audible roaring wind with heavy blowing snow

12. shot of street with blowing heavy snow from high winds (audible roar from wind)

13. pushed-in shot of snow blowing and falling around park benches from high winds

14. wide shot of audible roaring high winds blowing snow in downtown Middleborough, MA

15. pushed-in shot of audible roaring blowing snow in downtown Middleborough, MA from blizzard winds

16 & 17. wide & pushed-in shots of audible roaring blowing snow from high blizzard winds with intersection traffic lights in Middleborough, MA

18 & 19. wide & pushed-in shots of heavy blowing snow with audible roaring high winds on cars in Middleborough, MA

20-22. various POV driving shots of snow plows on I-495 near Middleborough with heavy blowing snow falling, snow on roadway, & low visibility

23. POV driving shot of low visibility from blowing snow on I-495 near Middleborough, MA