1/26/2015 Boston & Hull, MA NorEaster Blizzard B-Roll

New footage from one of the last flights into Boston, MA last night to get ready for the storm and head to the coast for this historic storm.

The video is in two parts, the first part from the empty Boston Logan Airport with various clips of with virtually nobody in it.

The second part is from the Hull, MA area around the city and coastal areas.

Shot 1: Wide shot of people looking at cancelled flights in BOS airport

Shot 2: Closeup shot of cancelled flights

Shot 3: Medium shot of a bunch of de icing trucks at BOS

Shot 4: Empty security lines in BOS

Shot 5: Empty United ticketing counter at BOS

Shot 6: Closed due to Blizzard sign at restaurant

Shot 7: Heavy traffic with light snow falling

Shot 8: People coming through security in BOS

Shot 9: Boston street department clearing sidewalks

*** The folling footage is from around Hull, MA City and Coastline areas.  

Shot 10: Empty I93 with travel ban sign + heavy snow

Shot 11: Violent winds + snow destroying street sign

Shot 12: Wide shot of snow plus boats

Shot 13: Tight shot of traffic lights being blown around

Shot 14: Mid shot of boats

Shot 15: Flag whipping violently in wind + snow

Shot 16: Sign being blown by wind

Shot 17: House on coast all shuttered up

Shot 18: 3 snow plows work together to clear snow

Shot 19 More street lights being blown + snow

Shot 20: Whiteout conditions

Shot 21: Sign being blown in wind

Shot 22: Ocean (low light shot)