2/19/2012 Raleigh NC Snow

Snow fell in the south on Sunday in Raleigh, NC. About an inch of snow fell during the evening and covered the roads and side walks to make downtown Raleigh, NC look more like the upper Midwest.

1. Downtown Raleigh with heavy snow
2. Raleigh sign with snow
3. Daffodils in the snow
4. Cars driving down McDowell St in snow
5. Men walking across Fayetteville Street in the snow
6. Snow covered car
7. Snow covers early spring plants
8. Person with umbrella in snow
9. Snow falls in front of Caraleigh Mills
10. Tire tracks in wet snow
11. Dog walker in snow
12. NC State Capitol Building
13. Flag with flurries
14. Snow and Raleigh wayfinder sign
15. Fayetteville Street

SID: Matt Robinson

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