7/29/2013 Kingman County Kansas Funnel Clouds

Severe thunderstorms developed across south-central Kansas this afternoon. Multiple funnels and even a brief tornado was reported with this storm shortly after 4:00PM.

TRT – 6:29

1) A long clip of a funnel cloud developing. This was shot from western Kingman County looking to the west. This was what got reported as a tornado in eastern Pratt county. A storm spotter had visual of a ground circulation under this funnel cloud.

2,3) Wall Cloud and storm base structure shots.

4,5) Shots of a new area of rotation trying to develop after the first wall cloud, which produced the funnel, dissipated.

6) Wall cloud and lightning over open range land.

7) Storm structure with wall cloud over a farm field.

8) Wall cloud becoming wrapped in rain.

9) Driving west on Highway 54 with a gust front approaching.

10) Bowl funnel under a large wall cloud.

11) Close lightning with a rain-wrapped area of rotation to my south.

12) Brief funnel develops with lightning flashes.

13) Driving through strong winds and torrential rain in Kingman County.

14) Shot of motorists and moderate rain in the town of Kingman, Kansas.