7/26/2013 Ely, MN Feels Like October in July

Footage from Ely, MN of the extreme summer cold temps where it feels more like the Middle of Fall in the middle of July.

The city of Ely, MN is celebrating the Annual Blueberry Art Festival where average temps for this time of year should be in the upper 70s to lower 80s but today's temps barely made it to 50f with forecast overnight low in the mid 30f temps.

The crazy cold weather is even making the bears at the North American Bear Center confused about what season this is.

Clip 01 Location shot down highway 169 in downtown Ely.

Clip 02 Location shot of the Ely watertower

Clip 03 Shot of a sign advertising Dog Sled Vacations. With the cold temps, a Dog Sled Vacation may seen logical.

Clip 04 Flags blowing in the wind.

Clip 05 People walking looking really chilly for the middle of summer

Clip 06 A man and a kid wearing some crazy hats to stay warm

Clip 07 Honey Bear at the North American Bear Center (NABC) walking past the camera with her winter coat still shedding

Clip 08 Lucky Bear at NABC looking for food on the ground.

Clip 09 Lucky looking around at the entrance of one of the dens.

Clip 10 Honey resting a Den that has a window to the Bear Center.

Clip 11 – 15 People walking by the camera looking chilly at the Blueberry Festival.

Clip 16 One way to stay warm was to watch the glass blowing specials.

Clip 17 – 19 More people looking pretty chilly at the Blueberry Festival.

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