Winter Storm Causes Travel Headache Across Massachusetts – 2/25/2022

A winter storm is battering the Northeast with heavy snow causing major travel headaches all across the Northeast. The following video is along 95/495 in Massachusetts traveling west out of the Boston, MA to Springfield, MA. Heavy snow, sleet, and ice are causing several wrecks and slow driving conditions all along the way. Public works departments were busy trying to keep the roads clear and drivable.

Shot Description

00:00 SUV lost control in the left lane of 495 and hit the guardrail. Good Samaritan’s stopped to help move the vehicle off to the far right lane of the highway.
00:37 Crews work to move a large semi stopped on the far left lane of the highway. Highway patrol and large tow truck are on scene.
00:53 Car lost control and went into the ditch highway patrol and tow truck are one scene trying to get the vehicle out of the ditch outside of Bellingham, MA.
01:00 Two MaDOT plows work to clear the road of snow and sleet as more freezing rain and sleet continue to fall.
01:09 Highway sign for Marlboro 495 North and 140 Mansfield North as freezing rain and sleet continue to fall.
01:12 MaDOT plow clearing several inches of sleet and snow from the side of the road along 495 in Massachusetts.
01:32 Van lost control and went off the road as traffic slows down around Miller St and 495 in Middleboro.
01:45 A guy snow blowing heavy snow on driveway while sleet continues to fall.
01:49 MaDOT plowing 495 right lane while passing under a W. Main St Hopkinton Upton exit sign as sleet continues to fall.
02:01 Sleet/snow falling on a snow-covered 495 highway passing an Ashland/South St Hopkinton exit sign.
02:05 Passing a “Don’t crowd the plow” sign on a partially covered 495 highway.
02:11 “Caution Reduce Speed, Don’t Crowd the plow” overhead sign with frozen precipitation and traffic.
02:18 Boston/Albany, NY I-90 exit sign with snow-covered roads and sleet/snow continuing to fall.
02:25 Taunton Providence RI and Bridgewater Plymouth screen signs with snow covered road and frozen precipitation still falling.
02:29 Slow traffic behind a MaDOT plows clearing the highway of snow and sleet near Rock Village/S. Middleboro.
02:45 Two MaDOT county plows clearing several inches of snow from side streets as you drive around a bend in the road.
02:53 Heavy snow falling on a snow covered 495 highway in Massachusetts with slow traffic ahead.

SID: Bradley Pattons
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