Otsuchi Japan Tsunami 2011 stock footage shot by an American

3/11/2011 Otsuchi Japan Earth Quake & Tsunami Stock Footage Catalog.

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The following footage was shot in Otsuchi Japan which was completely destroyed by the 9.0 earthquake and Tsunami that stuck just ten minutes after the earthquake.

The footage starts out at the Otsuchi harbor as everything was shaking and the ground was buckling. It continues as they evacuate the town and head for higher ground before the Tsunami comes ashore.

About ten minutes from the end of the earthquake, the Tsunami hits the town and destroys everything in the town. Footage shows the massive wave and rapid water rise along with tons of debris in the water.

Footage then shows the whole area is destroyed. Video ends with a clip of a fire truck and someone the loud speaker calling for help and the Videographer talking about what happened while in the dark.

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Catalog ID: Otsuchi_Tsunami_2011-B
Total Run Time: 15;02;03
Format: HD
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