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We have posted all of the Otsuchi Japan stock footage on line for immediate licensing for broadcast product and non broadcast productions.

The footage is from before, during and after the devastating 9.0 earthquake and 25 meter high Tsunami that destroyed the town of Otsuchi, Japan.

This footage is rights managed and copyrighted by our stringer.  Any unauthorized usage online or broadcast will result in us seeking copyright damages under United States and International law.

No “Fair Usage” of this footage is allowed, any usage without a license of this footage will result in legal action for violation of copyright law.

Clip 1 – 3/11/2011 Otsuchi Japan harbor prior to 9.0 earthquake.

Footage of the Otsuchi Japan harbor shot just prior to the 9.0 earthquake and massive tsunami that destroyed the whole town.  This is some of not the last images of this town prior to being destroyed.
Clip 1 Is a pan shot of the harbor and all the buildings along the docks.
Clip 2 Shows a fishing boat coming into the harbor.
Clip 3 Shows a boat at the dock and dock workers and boat crew working.
Catalog ID: 03112011_Otsuchi_Japan_Pre_Earthquake
Total Run Time: 1;56;17
Format: HD

Clip 2 – 3/11/2011 Otsuchi Japan Earth Quake & Tsunami destroys town.
The following footage was shot in Otsuchi Japan which was completely destroyed by the 9.0 earthquake and Tsunami that stuck just ten minutes after the earthquake.
The footage starts out at the Otsuchi harbor as everything was shaking and the ground was buckling.  It continues as they evacuate the town and head for higher ground before the Tsunami comes ashore.
About ten minutes from the end of the earthquake, the Tsunami hits the town and destroys everything in the town.  Footage shows the massive wave and rapid water rise along with tons of debris in the water.
Several minutes of footage showing some of the most unimaginable footage of the destructive power of the Tsunami.
Video continues to show the whole area is destroyed.  Video ends with a clip of a fire truck and someone the loud speaker calling for help and the
Videographer talking about what happened while in the dark.
Catalog ID:  Otsuchi_Tsunami_2011-B
Total Run Time: 15;02;03
Format: HD

Clip 3 – 3/12/2011 Otsuchi Japan, Aftermath Walking Out Through The Ruins.

Brian Barnes walks through the smoldering remains of the town of
Otsuchi, Japan that was damaged by the 9.0 earthquake and the
massive Tsunami that struck about ten minutes after the quake.
After the Tsunami, a fire started and burned out of control all night
long.  The fire burned much of the remains of the town that was
destroyed by the Tsunami.
This footage was shot while walking through the ruins with other
survivors to get to out of the area.  It shows first hand what was
left of the town of Otsuchi, Japan.
Catalog ID: 0312011_Otsuchi_Japan_Walkout_1
Total Run Time: 05;19;16
Format: HD 1280 24P

Clip 4 – 3/12/2011 Brian Barnes Self Interview Clip – Day After Otsuchi Japan .

Brian Barnes Self Interview Clip – Day After Otsuchi Japan
03/12/2011 – Footage Shot With I-Phone after the
Otsuchi Japan Earthquake and Tsunami destroyed the
town.  Brian describes what he just went through over the
last 24 hours.
Image Size: 720 x 480
Pixel Depth: 24
Frame Rate: 29.98
Source Audio Format: 44100 Hz – 16 bit – Stereo
Project Audio Format: 44100 Hz – 32 bit floating point – Stereo
Total Duration: 00;03;25;24
Average Data Rate: 8.3 MB / second
Pixel Aspect Ratio: 0.9091
Catalog ID: Otsuchi_Barnes_Interview_1
Total Run Time: 3;30;24
Format: 4:3 SD
Please contact us to license this footage for broadcast or non broadcast productions.  No unauthorized usage allowed.