Otsuchi Japan Tsunami 2011 news footage

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New video in from Brian Barnes of StormTours http://www.stormtours.com who was in Otsuchi Japan which was near the Epicenter of the 9.0 Earthquake and north of the city of Sendai Japan.


*** Please think before you post a comment because they were focused on trying to stay alive vs shooting video ***

He went to Otsuchi Japan as part of a volunteer group for Save Japan Dolphins (SJD) http://www.savejapandolphins.org that is operated by Earth Island Institute and lead by Ric O’Barry of the Oscar winning movie “The Cove” to document the largest slaughter of cetaceans in the world, the Dall’s porpoise slaughter.

I met up with Scott West and Tarah Millen who were there with the Sea Sheppard Conservation Society (SSCS). We agreed to go to Otsuchi together because the area has had very little western activist in it in the past and the fishermen there have shown aggressive violent behavior to those who have previously monitored the Dall’s porpoise hunt, we figured we would need to watch each others backs.


Brian said “We were scouting out the location and were filming the docks and the Porpoise fishermen in the harbor when the earthquake hit.” He said that he jumped out of the car and tried to start filming the earthquake but it was so up/down, and back/forth that I could barely get the camera started.

In the video he shot you can see the earthquake was still shaking the area their rental car moving back and fourth. Brian said “I think my instincts with disasters from my years of Storm Chasing just sort of took over. I’ve never been in anything like that before and I knew it was major but I guess you still just see it as a natural disaster at the time and instinctively do the “chase” thing, if that makes sense. We really shouldn’t be alive.”

As soon as the ground stopped shacking we got in our rental car and were followed by another car with SSCS volunteers and headed to the top of a hill overlooking the town just before the 25 meter high Tsunami hit where we were just standing only minutes before. The time from the Earthquake to the Tsunami striking Otsuchi was about eight minutes.

The Tsunami reduced the city to ruins and the tsunami protection wall that was built to save the city was smashed and washed out to sea, everything was completely destroyed. Brian watched as the ocean recede and then rushed back in at least a dozen times where at one point the entire ocean floor was exposed. At one point we saw and heard a woman in the water screaming for help, but she was washed out to sea before they could do anything to rescue her.

“We saw cars and what was left of homes floating in the water and what was not destroyed in the Tsunami was burned up in the massive fire that started after the Tsunami.

We were stuck on this hill because the road at the bottom on either side was completely gone and had to take shelter in our rental cars for the night. The rental cars they had are still on the hill side where they had to abandon them since the road below was gone.

In the morning we got up and abandoned their rental cars on the road up on the hill and hiked back into town. They started seeing the dead bodies everywhere. A woman hanging from a tree where the wave left her, people dead in what was left of their cars, total devastation. It took us an entire day to walk out of the town, rubble doesn’t even describe what we saw. To bring home the massive destruction, Hurricane Katrina and the Greensberg Kansas Tornado, those disasters are nothing compared to this. Every car we saw was smashed along with just about every wooden home was destroyed.

There wasn’t one thing left standing, it looked like something out of a world war two film after the war ended.

We finally made it to safety after climbing over the ruins of houses and walking over burning rubble and back to our hotel in Tono before paying a kings ransom to take a taxi to Akita Japan where I’m waiting for a flight back to America.

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3/6/2011 Saint Cloud MN area Winter Road Nightmare

Heavy snow fell over central Minnesota this afternoon and caused numerous accidents along Minnesota Highway 10 just north of the city of Saint Cloud MN.

The east bound lanes of Highway 10 heading into the Twin Cities had to be shut down while rescue crews cleaned up a chain reaction pile up.

Clip 01 Rolling up to a crash on Highway 10 where a Pickup truck spun out and flipped over on its side with a woman and three young children inside.

Clip 02 Dash Camera of the woman and three kids along with a nurse that stopped to help and myself after helping the woman and children get out of the truck. Everyone was wearing their seat belts and the kids were in their car seats and were able to walk away from the crash.

Clip 03 – 06 Scenes from the crash / pile up on the north side of Saint Cloud, MN that shut down the highway for over an hour. Tight and wide shots.

Clip 07 Jeep Grand Cherokee flipped over on its roof and pan over to MN State Troops on the scene.

Clip 08 Tight shot of the State Trooper.

Clip 09 Crews working to hook up the Jeep to flip it back on its wheels.

Clip 10 Tow truck crews FAIL. The first time they try to flip the Jeep back on its wheels, the Jeep ends up back on its roof. The second time they were able to pull it back over.

Clip 11 Plow truck

Clip 12 POV driving in heavy snow

Clip 13 POV driving and passing a State Trooper with another car in the ditch.

To license this footage, visit http://www.stormchasingvideo.com

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5/29/2008 Beloit Kansas Tornado Footage

5/29/2008 Beloit Kansas Tornado Footage from a massive supercell thunderstorm near the town of Beloit Kansas. Footage shows great storm structure and footage of the tornado that forms under the massive wall cloud. Video also shows storm chasers being hit by a weak tornado.
Catalog #: 05292008_CC2_HD
Total Run Time: 09;00;24
Screen Format: 16:9
Video Format: High Definition
License Type: Rights Managed
To license this footage, contact http://www.StormChasingVideo.com

SID: Chris Collura

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5/29/2008 Kearney Nebraska Tornado Footage

5/29/2008 Kearney Nebraska Footage of a tornado forming just outside of the city of Kearney Nebraska. Video continues in the city as the rain wrapped tornado goes through the city and off to the north end of town. Footage included scenes with high winds in the city and flying debris.

Catalog # 05292008_CC1_HD
Total Run Time: 11;44;22
Screen Format: 16:9
Video Format: High Definition
License Type: Rights Managed
To license this footage, contact http://www.StormChasingVideo.com

SID: Chris Collura

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