3/8/2011 Clarksville TX tornado and damage video

A super cell thunderstorm produced a large rain wrapped tornado that hit the town of Clarksville, TX today.  BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Sullivan was in Clarksville, TX as the tornado hit the town causing significant damage. 

In the video from Brandon, it shows the significant damage in Clarksville, TX as he passes through town just moments after the tornado hit. House debris including shingles, wood, and insulation splatter the scene.

He shot video of the extremely rain wrapped tornado crossing the road just in front of him that was just to the left of the tower in the video.   He continued to chase the rain wrapped tornado as it crosses behind the trees in front of him as the extreme inflow and debris is flying around the air around us.

The remaining video shows the damage to the town of Clarksville, TX.