3/6/2011 Saint Cloud, MN area winter road nightmare

Heavy snow fell over central Minnesota this afternoon and caused numerous accidents along Minnesota Highway 10 just north of the city of Saint Cloud MN.

The east bound lanes of Highway 10 heading into the Twin Cities had to be shut down while rescue crews cleaned up a chain reaction pile up.

In the first part of the video, I rolled up to a truck crash scene on Highway 10, where pickup truck spun out and flipped over on its side in the center ditch of the highway.  I saw some smoke rise up from the truck, I didn’t know if it was about to catch on fire or not so I set the camera on the dash and got out to check on the driver. 

As soon as I got around to the other side of the truck, I found a woman and her three small children were trapped in the truck.  Fortunately they were all belted other than a few shaken nerves and crying kids being scared, everyone appeared to be OK.  Another motorist stopped to help as the women in the truck was able to open the drivers side window and started handing us her children before climbing out of the truck herself.  The Minnesota State Patrol was on the scene in a couple of minutes and we helped them to the troopers truck. 

The footage continues with several more scenes of accidents due to the poor driving conditions.