3/6/2011 Saint Cloud MN area Winter Road Nightmare

Heavy snow fell over central Minnesota this afternoon and caused numerous accidents along Minnesota Highway 10 just north of the city of Saint Cloud MN.

The east bound lanes of Highway 10 heading into the Twin Cities had to be shut down while rescue crews cleaned up a chain reaction pile up.

Clip 01 Rolling up to a crash on Highway 10 where a Pickup truck spun out and flipped over on its side with a woman and three young children inside.

Clip 02 Dash Camera of the woman and three kids along with a nurse that stopped to help and myself after helping the woman and children get out of the truck. Everyone was wearing their seat belts and the kids were in their car seats and were able to walk away from the crash.

Clip 03 – 06 Scenes from the crash / pile up on the north side of Saint Cloud, MN that shut down the highway for over an hour. Tight and wide shots.

Clip 07 Jeep Grand Cherokee flipped over on its roof and pan over to MN State Troops on the scene.

Clip 08 Tight shot of the State Trooper.

Clip 09 Crews working to hook up the Jeep to flip it back on its wheels.

Clip 10 Tow truck crews FAIL. The first time they try to flip the Jeep back on its wheels, the Jeep ends up back on its roof. The second time they were able to pull it back over.

Clip 11 Plow truck

Clip 12 POV driving in heavy snow

Clip 13 POV driving and passing a State Trooper with another car in the ditch.

To license this footage, visit http://www.stormchasingvideo.com

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