Major Flooding in Dothan, AL – 2/12/2024

Drone Video of Intense Flooding in Houston County near Dothan, Alabama
Shot Description

00:00 Intense drone video of home almost being swept away from fast moving floodwaters near Dothan, AL
00:11 Residential home submerged from intense flood in Houston County Alabama
00:19 Truck and trailer in feet of fast moving water from flooding
00:27 Man walking through deep water as it flows over the roadway
00:35 Semi driving through a closed road in feet of water from intense rain causing flooding
00:50 Home surrounded by flowing flood waters
01:02 Fast flood waters wash out roadway in front of home near Dothan on Hwy 84
01:11 Home near Dothan, AL destroyed from flooding
01:23 Outbuilding and yard to the east of Dothan surrounded by flooding
01:30 Heavy equipment sunk in feet of water from intense flooding near Dothan Alabama
01:42 Car stuck on Hwy 52 from flooding with emergency personnel nearby just outside of Dothan, AL
01:48 Overhead view of multiple residences submerged underwater near Avon, AL
01:57 Semi driving through floodwaters on HWY 52 as the road was closed
02:13 Train Personnel checking the railroad tracks from flooding damage near Cowarts, AL
02:22 Deep water submerges beer distributor near Cowarts, Alabama
02:30 Trailer surrounded by feet of flooded water near Avon, AL
02:38 (2 Clips) Homes surrounded by fast moving floodwaters
02:52 Columbia Hwy just outside of Dothan, AL closed due to dangerous flooding
03:01 Over head view from drone showing multiple homes surrounded by flood water
03:13 Feet of water up against a house in the Avon Community
03:20 Still drone video of Hwy 52 closed from flooding
03:28 Drone video showing fast flowing water surrounding homes
03:51 Hidden Lake subdivision from flooding near Dothan, Alabama
04:04 (2 Clips) Floodwaters surrounding business and flowing over the roadway while vehicles are driving through it
04:21 (6 Clips) Flooded homes, businesses and outbuildings along Hwy 84 east of Dothan, AL

SID: Michael Gordon
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