Icy Roads Semi Trucks and Vehicles Sliding And Crashing, Birmingham AL

Extremely Icy Bridges around Birmingham, AL causes multiple accidents
Shot Description

00:00 (13 Clips) Multiple Semis and vehicles sliding and hitting each other on the I-65 to I-22 Interchange in Birmingham, Alabama
02:44 (5 Clips) Multiple Vehicle Crashes on the I-65 bridge and I-459 Underpass caused by extremely icy roadways near Hoover, AL
03:22 (4 Clips) Overturned Semi with Wrecker Service working on flipping it back over on I-459 just west of Hoover, Alabama
03:55 Wrecker Service working on pulling a vehicle back up on roadway that slid off I-20
04:02 (2 Clips) Multiple Vehicle Crash on I-20 due to extremely icy bridge

SID: Michael Gordon
#icyroads #crash #accidents #jackknife #weather #alwx

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