10/29/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Cold weather B-Roll

Saint Cloud, MN was in the heart of the cold weather today with temperatures in the middle to upper 30s at noon as the cold air pushes in from Canada.

Clip 1 Medium shot of a women walking past a monument saying City of Saint Cloud.

Clip 2 Man looking pretty chilly with a hat on walking towards the camera as it pans with him.

Clip 3 Two woman bundled up from the cold at Lake George in Saint Cloud, MN.

Clip 4 Pan shot right of a woman walking in the cold air at Saint Cloud State College.

Clip 5 People waiting for the bus at Saint Cloud State College.

Clip 6 Pan right shot of a woman walking looking cold at Saint Cloud State.

Clip 7 At 12:20 the temperature was only 35F

Clip 8 Tight shot of the 35F temp.

Clip 9 Another bank sign shows at 12:33 the temp on the other side of town was 37F outside.

Clip 10 Flags blowing in the wind.

Clip 11 Woman walking past the camera at the round about intersection at Saint Cloud State.

Clip 12 Man walking wearing a Saint Cloud State hockey winter hat.

Clip 13 Bare tree with the gray clouds in the background.

Clip 14 Pan right shot of a man walking with a coat and winter hat on.

Clip 15 Woman walking towards the camera.

Clip 16 People walking through the park at Saint Cloud State.

Clip 17 Man walking

Clip 18 Kid walking with the hood up on his coat.