10/14/2014 Sarasota Florida Storm Front and Heavy Rain B-roll

A strong cold front moves through SW Florida bringing a squall line and some very intense heavy rain. HD video.

Shot list:

1) Shelf cloud over Sarasota Bay looking towards Bradenton.
2) Pan shot of shelf cloud.
3,4) Two shots leading edge of front moving over Lido Key.
5,6,7) Three ominous shots showing contrast of sky with leading edge of dark squall line and blowing palms.
8) Guy in inflatable boat rushing to get off the water before the squall comes in.
9) Building heavily obscured by intense rain moving in.
10) Palms blowing in rain.
11) POV Traffic on US41 driving north into Bradenton Florida in very intense heavy rain.
12,13,14) Three shots of traffic in very heavy rain on SR70 driving east in Bradenton FL (just north of Sarasota FL.)
15) Heavy rain on cars in shopping center parking lot.
16) Car pulling into parking spot in very heavy rain.
17) Woman in rain with umbrella getting into her car.
18,19) Ponding water in shopping center parking lot.