10/13/2014 Mississippi Alabama Tornado Warned Storms & Hail B-roll

Dangerous tornado-warned supercell thunderstorms produce high winds, large hail, frequent lightning, and heavy rain over the Mississippi Valley. Footage of rotating wall clouds, funnel clouds, large hail, and hail fog near West Point, MS during daylight. Also, footage of rotating wall cloud illuminated by lightning, high winds, hail, heavy rain with tornado sirens blaring in Hamilton, AL at night.

All footage shot during afternoon and evening of October 13, 2014 during daylight and darkness near and in towns of West Point, MS and Hamilton, AL

1-8. Various shots of rotating wall cloud and funnel clouds near West Point, MS
9-11. Various POV driving shots of large hail, rain, and debris falling on and around road and vehicle near West Point, MS
12 & 13. Pushed-in shots of hail fog over fields near West Point, MS after large hail fell from tornado-warned supercell thunderstorm
14-19. Various shots of police and car stranded in ditch after sliding off hail-covered road from tornado-warned supercell thunderstorm near West Point, MS
20. wide night shot of lightning illuminating rotating wall cloud from tornado-warned thunderstorm moving over Hamilton, AL
21-35. Various night shots of severe winds, lightning, heavy rain, hail, and blaring tornado sirens in Hamilton, AL as dangerous tornado-warned storm passes over town