4/24/2011 Abilene, TX to Baird, TX Easter Sunday Texas Tornado Outbreak

On Easter Sunday the tornadoes came back to north Texas with several tornadoes impacting the area from Abilene, TX to Baird, TX.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Chris Collura was chasing the storms between Abilene, TX and Baird, TX and caught several tornadoes including a large Multi-Vortex tornado.

The Video starts out showing a large wall cloud to the north of Chris and then a becomes large wall cloud and a Multi-Vortex tornado forming when a trucker stops to ask Chris if that is a tornado. Chris continues to follow the storm with a tornado to his southwest as he drives in the rear flank downdraft with winds of 60-70 MPH from another tornado to his north.

As soon as Chris was able to get out of the RFD winds and the massive rain wrapped tornado, he encounters large hail falling. He is able to get back on the storm and avoiding most of the large hail to intercept another rotating wall cloud and needle funnel in field. The wall cloud was rapidly rotating as a brief rope narrow funnel and tornado formed under the rapidly rotating base.