4/23/2011 Shermon TX High Winds after dark.

Severe storms hit the Sherman Texas during the late evening with measured wind gusts of 59 miles per hour and causing minor damage.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Sullivan was in Sherman, TX when the storms hit. He was video taping the winds when a sign from a car-wash 3 blocks away flew past him and tossed across the parking lot and slammed into a car.

The high winds lasted for several minutes before moving our of the area only to be followed by hail. In the video, it also shows traffic lights being tossed violently in the wind, cars and city lights as heavy rain slams the area. The video continues on and shows another angle of heavy rain and 60+ mph winds illuminated by city lights as a Arby’s sign was being violently thrown around in the wind. The video ends with a vertical shot looking up to show heavy rain and wind battering a sign and hail falling in the wake of the violent winds.