4/24/2011 Baird Texas Easter Sunday Tornado by Tony Laubach

On Easter Sunday, BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach was almost baptised by debris by the tornadoes that dropped down near Baird, TX.

In the video that Tony sent in, is shows tornadoes tearing across the Texas country-side along US-283 just north of the town of Baird, TX. Tony said several tornadoes touched down doing little damage over open country, but they kept people on their toes for the holiday, especially those between Abilene and Dallas.

The video starts out showing the first tornado north of Baird with various shots of the funnel cloud, touchdown, and debris swirl as it moves down a hill less then a quarter mile away from him. As the video continues, is shows two more tornadoes, including a white rope and a dramatic multi-vortex tornado on US-283.

The footage continues with POV or Point Of View shots as several vortices’s touch down and dance around on the east side of the highway as drivers approach from the south.