06/25/2010 Glen Haven And Drake Colorado Wild Fire Video

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Justin King was covering the wild fires in Glen Haven and Drake Colorado yesterday and sent in this video package.

The first wild fire video was from Glen Haven, Colorado.  The video opens with shot of a high fire danger sign, then goes to the North Fork Trail head parking lot for a good look at the initial smoke from the fire when it was 15-35 acres in size. Next shots are all taken from North of Estes Park in a residential area close to Rocky Mountain National Park. Video has smoke shooting up into the sky and looking like Cumulonimbus clouds. Air tankers and other small aircraft were in the area but they did not drop slurry at time of filming. Helicopter support trailer, the US Forest Service, and Rocky Mountain National Park rangers arrive on scene later in the video. At the very end we were ushered out of the area as they were closing it down for staging equipment. At time of leaving the fire it was estimated to be over 100 Acres in size and growing fast.

The second fire of day was in Drake, Colorado.  The video opens near incident command post on Highway 34 near the Round Mountain Trail head, video shows flames shooting up from the trees, quick shot of command, and back to the fire. Later moved west to get a better vantage point and was behind the flames looking uphill. Video shows trees going up like match sticks, glow from behind the flames looking up, and some fire apparatus heading to staging area for structure protection, there are homes threatened by this fire.